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Kennel container

Nato stock number (NSN): 8145-09-5110373


CSI supplies kennelling in specially outfitted 20-foot standard ISO 668 1C or 1CC containers. Each high-spec kennel container can accommodate 4 dogs in spacious individual compartments. In addition, they are equipped with a washbasin, hot and cold mixer tap, foldable table, hose, shelves, hooks and white board. 


The containers have been specially designed to provide safe and hygienic conditions for dogs and personnel. All compartment doors open inwards, to prevent the dogs from escaping, and there are no sharp edges that might hurt them. The kennel containers feature underfloor heating, with safeguards to prevent over-heating. There is also a wall-mounted panel heater and two wall-mounted combination heaters/air-condition units. An air dehumidifier is also included for optimal air quality.


Customers can choose between a variety of interior finishes. CSI offers an all steel interior with PVC flooring in the dog compartments as an option, or plywood-clad walls and ceiling matched with a steel or PVC-covered floor.


A grated drain runs the length of the kennel container, enabling the compartments to be hosed down and cleaned easily. The slight gradient in the kennel floor also allows any other liquids to drain away, ensuring better overall hygiene for the animals.


To stop the dogs from infecting one another, the compartments are separated by specially designed partition walls. In addition to preventing nose-to-nose contact, the partition walls also ensure that any liquids run into the central drain and not into the next-door compartment.


Each dog compartment measures 5800 mm x 1600 mm. The kennel containers may be supplied with galvanized steel outdoor dog runs for each compartment. The runs measure 6 m x 1.37 m and are fully enclosed with a meshed metal roof. However, they may also be equipped with a PVC roof for even better snow and sun protection.


LED lighting, a fire alarm and adjustable night lights are installed as standard. 220V AC power.







Length (for all)

Width (for all)

Height (for all)

Weight (for all)



Connection drain

Connection water

Insulating wall/ceiling

Insulating floor

Electrical connection

Power consumption

 Floor / Ceiling / Wall

Truck Pockets



6058 mm
2438 mm
2591 mm
7 900 kg
Customer request
20” ISO 668
100 mm
200 mm
400V/230V, 32A, 50Hz, 3P+(N)+E

5 kw

Stainless steel (non-slip on floor)

2pc x 255x80 mm














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