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Waste treatment

Nato stock number (NSN): 8145-25-1520733


The waste treatment unit is a freestanding container with a built-in waste incinerator system. Housed in a standard 20-foot container, the unit features a built-in GS 500 C incinerator, personnel door and inert gas fire-suppression system (CO2/Inergen).


The incinerator can burn solid or liquid waste. The unit has a diesel tank, sludge tank (for waste oil) and a top-mounted ventilation fan with a 3-metre exhaust stack and rain cap.


All pipe-laying, electrical work and exhaust stack and sludge tank insulation are included.


The incinerator unit is delivered fully tested and approved in accordance with DNV regulations. All connections are run to one end of the container. The unit connects to electrical power at a single point. Power consumption: 23–27 kW.


The compressed air required for incineration (at 7 bars) is supplied by a built-in Atlas Copco compressor. There are coupling flanges for feeding in diesel oil and sludge (waste oil).


The incinerator has a capacity of 135 kg/hour for solid waste defined as “type-2 waste” by the IMO. This means that the same model is sufficient to incinerate the waste from 300 people or 1,200 people. Type-4 waste (pharmaceutical waste) may also be incinerated.


The mean combustion temperature in solid waste mode is 950-1,000°C, which will eliminate all safety concerns. If necessary, the solid waste mode sequence can be followed by a sludge mode sequence (waste oils), with an average temp of 1,100-1,150°C.


• Capacity 135 kg/hrs
• Waste types 2 and 4
• Short set-up time
• ISO 668 shipping standard
• CSC-certified


This will reduce the volume of ashes to a minimum, and further ensure total decomposition.
The number of hours of operation will, of course, vary. Assuming that each person generates 2 kg/day in the form of solid waste, the operating time for 300 people will be: 1⁄2 hour for heat-up, 41⁄2 hours for incineration = 5 hours/day total. For 1,200 people: 1⁄2 hour for heat-up, 18 hours for incineration = 181⁄2 hours/day total. Incineration results in a 97% reduction in volume.


The ash is sterile and can be removed manually each morning before the unit is started up. The incinerator can handle all types of waste, except glass. Even tin cans can be put into the incinerator.


The set-up time for the waste treatment unit is 6 hours for 2 people.








Height (incl exhaust stack)

Weight (for all)



Connection drain

Connection water

Insulating wall/ceiling

Insulating floor

Electrical connection

Power consumption

 Floor / Ceiling / Wall

Truck Pockets



6379 mm
2438 mm
2591 mm

5970 mm


11.600 kg
Customer request
20” ISO 668 1CC
100 mm
200 mm
400V, 125A, 50Hz,


Stainless steel (non-slip on floor)

2pc x 255x80 mm







csi_waste_treatment_unit.pdf (3.4 mb)














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