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Low-energy sanitation container


Our brand new Low-Energy Sanitation Container is based on our existing sanitation models, but has been refined for improved environmental and energy performance.


Our front-line experience has resulted in an optimal solution with regard to mobility, hook-up, functionality and service. Our sanitation containers are tailor-made for fast and flexible expansion. Our container-based solutions can be adapted to meet all military requirements, as well as the needs of civilian users such as aid organizations and construction firms.


The set-up time for sanitation containers is 2 hours for 2 people. The system is designed to last for more than 20 years of day-to-day camp use. The containers can quickly be disassembled and transported for deployment elsewhere, or stored for later use.


Our Low-Energy Sanitation Container utilizes innovative solutions for recycling grey water from showers and washbasins. Effective vacuum toilets that save precious water have also been installed.



• Solar panels
• Wind generator on the roof to save energy
• Flexible water sources. Solar-heated 2000 litre water tank on the roof in addition to conventional water heater
• 80 % water savings compared to existing models
• Vacuum toilet using recycled grey water
• Grey water from showers and washbasins is recycled
• All lights in the unit are sensor controlled to minimize electricity consumption
• Flexible solutions that meet our customers´ requirements










Connection drain

Connection water

Insulating wall / ceiling

Insulating floor


Power consumption


Power consumption


Floor / Ceiling / Wall

Truck Pockets



6058 mm
2438 mm
2591 mm
6 000 kg
Customer request
20” ISO 668 1CC
50 mm
100 mm
200 mm
400V, 50Hz,
(Optimal sun/wind) 3kw
(-46°C) 9kw


Stainless steel (non-slip on floor)

2pc x 255x80 mm




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