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2 Container kitchen


A new standard in field kitchens is now available. Based on our years of front-line experience, we have developed a turnkey field unit made up of just 2 standard containers, which is capable serving up to 500 people and requires only 4 hours to set up.



All the interior walls, ceiling and floor are clad in stainless steel to ensure compliance with the strictest hygiene requirements under field conditions. The floors also have grated drains for easier cleaning.


The kitchen equipment has been designed to provide maximum access for cleaning, optimal efficiency and ease of operation. Our CSI container-based solutions are adapted to meet the requirements of both military and civilian users.


The 2-container kitchen unit is powered by an external power supply, which delivers 400V 3-phase via a connector (on the short side). The standard current is 3x400V/50Hz, but other voltages can be supplied on
request. The container’s electrical system complies with the STANAG 4133 and 4135 standards. All equipment used in CSI units is CE-approved.


For extra indoor space, the two containers are connected using a 600 mm extension channel, where most of the technical installations are placed for easy access.


The kitchen requires two 20-foot standard 1CC containers built to ISO 668. Complies with the STANAG 4370 requirements.


Our integrated levelling system is optional.

•  Low environmental impact in both production, transport and operation
• Flexible AC unit for all climate zones
placed outside the unit
• Solid stainless steel plates in walls
and ceiling
• Solid non-slip floors
• Low- energy LED lights
• Leveling system for each corner post
• Integrated water, electricity and
ventilation systems concealed inside the
container walls




Length (total)

Width (total)


Weight (total)



Drain connection

Water connection

Insulating wall / ceiling

Insulating floor

Electrical connection

Power concumption

Floor / Ceiling / Wall

Truck Pockets



6058 mm
5476 mm
2591 mm
12 000 kg
Customer request
20” ISO 668 1CC
50 mm
100 mm
200 mm
400V, 50Hz,
80 kW
Stainless steel
(non-slip on floor)
2pc x 255x80 mm




Special offer!


dm_csi_kitchen_offer.pdf (161 kb)


A special offer is out now for our CSI 2 Container kitchen!

Please contact us for further details.





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