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Reefer container

Nato stock number (NSN): 8145-25-1606167


CSI reefer containers have been specially designed for the safe refrigeration, freezing and storage of food, and for easy access and cleaning.


The reefer unit can be supplied with different specifications and room sizes as required by the individual customer. It may be powered by electricity alone or a combination of electricity and diesel. An optional integrated hook lift is also available.


The entire interior is clad in high-quality stainless steel. A 3 mm thick stainless steel non-slip floor is offered as standard. The floor slopes down to a central linear drain for ease of cleaning.


The CSI containers can be transported by air, sea, rail or road as a standard shipping container.


When no longer needed, the containers can quickly be disassembled and transported for deployment elsewhere, or stored for later use.


The set-up time for the container is roughly 1 hour for 2 people.


Standard configuration features:


• The floor and drain channels can be removed easily for cleaning
• Self-adjusting heating cables inside ceiling panels for all doors to prevent the doors from freezing solid when in use (optional)
• The shelves are made from 1,2 mm thick Aisi 304 stainless steel
• The shelves are stacked in 4 heights along both of the containers long sides. The shelves are 55 cm deep and can withstand a load of at least 200 kg per meter (optional)
• The containers shelf system is foldable
both up or down independently of the
other shelf sections (optional)




Length (for all)

Width (for all)

Height (for all)

Weight (for all)



Connection drain

Connection water

Insulating wall / ceiling

Insulating floor

Electrical connection

Power concumption

Floor / Ceiling / Wall

Truck Pockets



6058 mm
2438 mm
2591 mm
4300 kg
Customer request
20” ISO 668
400V, 32A, 50Hz,
7 kW
Stainless steel
(non-slip on floor)
2pc x 255x80 mm






csi_reefer_unit.pdf (271 kb)





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